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The Individual

I could tell you all of the everyday, mundane things about me that help me blend in with the rest of the world, or I could tell you five unusual facts about me. Let's go with the latter. Here goes...1. I have an unhealthy phobia of static electricity. Not the kind that shocks you. The kind that sticks to you. Plastic straw wrappers, that stringy, shiny gift bag stuffing, any kind of plastic wrapping that must be taken off of a newly purchased goodie, it all freaks me out. 2. The idea of being sprayed by a skunk terrifies me. Like, to the point of having nightmares about it. I was even on a date in college one time when I thought I spied a skunk while we were walking the dam. I screamed "Skunk!" and took off running for my life, left my date in the dust. 3. I don't like the beach. I've tried. I think I should. I wish I did. But, just like that time I thought I would love scrapbooking only to find it was the single worst hobby ever invented by humankind, I find myself feeling regret the moment my feet touch the sand. Maybe it has something to do with that static electricity phobia of things sticking to me. Maybe it's because I don't want to get eaten by a shark. Maybe it's because I don't like the vulnerability of walking around in a swimsuit with complete strangers. All I know is that I prefer almost any other vacation activity to sprinting through the scalding hot sand, finding a place to lay my beach towel out as I try desperately to keep every grain of sand off it, and then watching all the people just swim straight into the living rooms of some of the scariest creatures on earth. 4. Lady and the Tramp is the greatest love story ever told, and The Fox and the Hound makes me ugly cry. 5. I'm a Type A, enneagram 9 wing 1, Myers-Briggs ENFJ with the spiritual gifts of exhortation, knowledge, and teaching. Yes, I'm a walking, talking contradiction. IYKYK​

The Mom

I became a single mom in 2011 when my children were 13, 12, and 6. It has been a roller-coaster of a ride filled with emotion, loss, and victory. I can't think of three better people than those three kids of mine. If I spent every evening for the rest of my life with the kids sitting around the table playing board games, lip-syncing in the living room, or driving around town singing wildly off-key and making up dance moves to all of the ridiculous current hits, well, I would be totally okay with that. 

The Writer

I’ve been a writer since I was a little girl starting with writing simple poems and songs. As I grew into a teenager, I began publishing short poems and pieces through my high school literary magazine. Early on, I was a closet writer, but as I grew, I became more confident in the talent God has gifted me with. I pray He will continue to use me and inspire me to reach others through the written word. 

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